First Lecture

This certification can only be done by those who have complete both our Basic and Advanced courses,

and must be completed within two weeks of purchase.

There is a written test and two types of hands-on tests.

Online Mace Fit final exam questions

Here we will see how well you have grasped the overall concepts of Mace Fit:

Mace Fit Final exam questions

E-mail your answers as an attachment to [email protected] and bcc to [email protected] put Mace Fit tests in the subject block

1)     What is Dr. Fred Hatfield’s first law of training?


2)     Give three examples of how to apply Dr. Fred Hatfield’s Overload Principle to macefit exercises?



3)     Can maces and club exercises be programmed like barbell exercises?


4)     What is the optimal length of a macefit class?


5)     If a person is having trouble with a club exercise and is already ready choked up on the handle, should they choke up higher or reduce the weight?



6)     Name 3 isometric exercises used in Mace Fit


7)     What are the 4 parts of a Mace Fit class?


8)     What dynamic exercise is best for building strength for mace 360’s or 10-to-2’s?


9)     What categories of exercises do we use



10)  What exercise combinations do we use?



11)  Isometrics build strength up to how many degrees from the joint angle?

12)  Should isometrics be used for the main work sets, for accessory work, or for either?


13)  Should momentum be used in every exercise?



14)  What is the position of the arms in a crucifix squat?

15)  How many rounds of conditioning/accessory work are recommended after the work sets?

16) Essay question--Why did you choose this course and how will you implement what you've learned in it?

17) Essay question--What other types of training do you currently do on a regular basis?

18) Essay question--What type of training facility or environment are you using now?

19) Essay question--How would you start a Mace Fit program in someone else's facility?

20) Essay question--What do you see as the main benefits of Mace Fit training?

21) Essay question--Describe how gravity can be used to increase momentum in mace exercises like 360's and 10-to-2's.

22) Essay question--Explain how to apply the "Overload Principle" to the grave digger exercise if you only have a fixed-weight mace?

23) Essay question--What is the difference between isometrics and isotonics? Give examples of each.

24) Essay question--What is the difference between Mace Fit and flow-type training?

25) Essay question--Write out a training session using the four part template.

There are two types of hands-on video tests:

A-You will perform a specified number of exercises to show how well you can do them

B-You coach someone else through specific number of exercises to see how well you can teach someone else.

Test A-

1) Two hand front swings x 50 reps

2) barbarian squats x 20 reps

3) inside mills x 20 reps left and right side

4) outside mills x  20 reps left and right side

5) BTN stretch x 60 seconds left and right side twice each

6) sliders x 15 reps left and right side

7) seated 360's x 30 reps

8) 10-to-2's (Note: this name has been changed to 300's) x 30 reps

9) kneeling double club lateral pull overs x 15 reps

10) seated double club front pull overs x 15 reps

11) one hand side cleans x 30 reps

12) 1/2 kneeling Ahrens press x 15 reps

13) long cycles x 30 reps

14) two hand mills x 15 each direction

15) Russian plank flys x 5/5 reps